Generating GoogleMusic Source

Google Product Ideas it's a chance to cry "Sometimes I fell like a Googleless child".

Now it sounds helpfull for induction of dynamics in wave creation activity.

Look at Google Product Ideas and use it to cry, then go to Google Wave and defend your market idea creating a wave for.
Follow how many waves are your wave producing. What is the set's communication speed ?

I'm asking myself if I may start at Google Product Ideas with the creation of my Tagvaporator idea.
To serve Obamadepending Financial Reform by creating the money dynamic inductor giving folks a chance to add tagvaporated value in Personalized-Webliving-Savings for yielding personal wealth.

Then producing waves shifting echos in clear sounds, generating GoogleMusic source and its ressources. Do you get the point ?

Well the thing is in Youdepending and Googledepending phasis. Ask for GOOcols draft and protocols.

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For a Twitter-Finantial-Email

It may be presented as a money link money-to-money for much-more-money. The utility the yielding wealth result for a personal better economic performance by live-cash-production-sharing-daily-cash-results. It allows results on webcashmatic plusvalues and a dynamic-share for daily-cash-results.

The proposal is for the creation of the Twitter-Personal-Webcashmotor. Like a new generation Twitter-Finantial-Email.


May Google supply an investment's substitute ?

Yes and no.

Yes because Google is a strong source of webpowered performances. No because Google are not running the money datevaluation technics giving the chance for the people universocial money-to-money links.

But, do I need an investment's substitute ?

Well in the Classic Economy conditions you just have the investment practice to reach wealth getting plusvalues.The problem is the contained risk of such economic practice and the its cash-off mode.
After the web and mobile communications motors development people, you and me, we are able to link money-to-money connecting and sharing cash universocial cash production in cashkeeping mode. This economic practice is presented under the generic name of the money datevaluation and for it you just need register to get your own webcashmotor for free.
And to do your first money datevaluation in order to reach webcashmatic plusvalues you stay in cashkeeping mode, just you must personalize 1 or multiples 10€uros money parcels creating the same webmirror value as your own live-savings looking for free production factors using webpowered performances.
So you-do-mark-your-money just with your better webdate, then webfishing your webcashmotor start to run for your webcashmatic plusvalues production into Economy 4G3W. That with 4 economic practices : consumption, savings, investment and datevaluation.
Of course we need the money datevaluation because it is a new recipe to get wealth keeping your cash and refusing risks.

So let Google work.

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Sometimes I feel like a Googleless_Child

Googleless_child = Off Googledepending concept

Yesterday I was so happy when I finish my blog "May I in the near future link money-to-money by GMail ?"
Because if I am pioneer on the money datevaluation and if this economic practice may produces automatic plusvalues over the money keeped in cash phase I do believe that such investment's substitute may be the solution for our old Classic Economy with its dilemma and its associated crisis generator.
That because if you take 1 USDol., 1 Euro or 1 Yen or any unit of any world currency and then you like to look for to better perform your economic action into the classic ground of one of that three limited options, you are pushed to go wrong :

1. You are free and you may spend that money unit, the problem is that you cannot save it and you cannot invest it ;
2. But you are free and you may save that money unit, the dilemma is that you cannot invest it and you cannot spend it ;
3. Well you are free and you may invest that money unit, the trilemma is that you cannot spend it and you cannot save it.

And when you choose for 1 of that economic options, you may accept to refuse the other 2.
Do you think the Classic Economy must go up like this Taking 1=Refusing 2 ?

So you, me and the others, we are reduced more and more into consumption actions.
More and more you have no time to forward and control the investment risks.
Less and less we may get plusvalues for wealth purchasing.

Do you think that a finantial fast food in order to keep your bank-finantial power would resolve your economic life ?
So when I propose that finantial fast food (the link money-to-money or the datevaluation action) which is able to produce webcashmatic plusvalues - keeping your cash in live webpowered savings - and giving a chance to get daily cash results to multiply, some people order me to stop the offer of the personal webcashmotor softdevice as an new economic money ability which may be used for a new e-mail generation putting bank-finantial power on that mousephone communication motor (GMail, Hotmail and other millions of engines) ?

That is why, sometimes I feel like a Googleless_child.

Your free Personal Webcashmotor would run forever.