Generating GoogleMusic Source

Google Product Ideas it's a chance to cry "Sometimes I fell like a Googleless child".

Now it sounds helpfull for induction of dynamics in wave creation activity.

Look at Google Product Ideas and use it to cry, then go to Google Wave and defend your market idea creating a wave for.
Follow how many waves are your wave producing. What is the set's communication speed ?

I'm asking myself if I may start at Google Product Ideas with the creation of my Tagvaporator idea.
To serve Obamadepending Financial Reform by creating the money dynamic inductor giving folks a chance to add tagvaporated value in Personalized-Webliving-Savings for yielding personal wealth.

Then producing waves shifting echos in clear sounds, generating GoogleMusic source and its ressources. Do you get the point ?

Well the thing is in Youdepending and Googledepending phasis. Ask for GOOcols draft and protocols.

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