May Google supply an investment's substitute ?

Yes and no.

Yes because Google is a strong source of webpowered performances. No because Google are not running the money datevaluation technics giving the chance for the people universocial money-to-money links.

But, do I need an investment's substitute ?

Well in the Classic Economy conditions you just have the investment practice to reach wealth getting plusvalues.The problem is the contained risk of such economic practice and the its cash-off mode.
After the web and mobile communications motors development people, you and me, we are able to link money-to-money connecting and sharing cash universocial cash production in cashkeeping mode. This economic practice is presented under the generic name of the money datevaluation and for it you just need register to get your own webcashmotor for free.
And to do your first money datevaluation in order to reach webcashmatic plusvalues you stay in cashkeeping mode, just you must personalize 1 or multiples 10€uros money parcels creating the same webmirror value as your own live-savings looking for free production factors using webpowered performances.
So you-do-mark-your-money just with your better webdate, then webfishing your webcashmotor start to run for your webcashmatic plusvalues production into Economy 4G3W. That with 4 economic practices : consumption, savings, investment and datevaluation.
Of course we need the money datevaluation because it is a new recipe to get wealth keeping your cash and refusing risks.

So let Google work.

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